Marsh Deep

Population 18,000
Demographic 14% Human
1% Elf
85% Dwarf
Religion Kalin, Berrand
Major Exports Iron, Gems, Tin
Major Imports Wheat, Lumber, Fish

On the road from Stonefall to Marsh Deep is a large village that supplies the more eastern city with abundant amounts of fish. Marsh Deep itself is just out of reach of the same lake that this village fishes from, but the dangers along the northern coast keep the Dwarves at bay.

-Justin Cermoon

Of all the Dwarven Cities, Marsh Deep is the most prepared against sudden invasion, particularly against an undead army. This is due to the city’s proximity to the Marshes of the Dead. Numerous battle-ready clerics act as captains of the city guard, carrying the city’s own divine brew, a volatile concoction that burns the undead twice-fold, first as holy water, then in a manner similar to alchemist’s fire as the brew ignites due to exposure to air.

Marsh Deep

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