Sands Deep

Population 15,000
Demographic 4% Human
1% Elf
95% Dwarf
Religion Berrand, Kalin
Major Exports Gems, Copper, Platinum
Major Imports Iron, Wheat, Adamantine

There is a warm breeze that passes through Sands Deep, coming in from the Desert of the Lost. When I first came through here, I had walked against the breeze, fighting my way eastward toward the end of the road. When I left Seren, the warmth pushed at my back, encouraging that I escape with utmost haste.

-Justin Cermoon

There have been numerous religious disputes among the Dwarves of Sands Deep. Most of the ruling line has worshiped Kalin, while a majority of the population prefer the teachings of Berrand. While many of the beliefs are similar, the laws and punishments of each differ, mostly in extreme cases where Berrand calls for execution. Still, the city has seen relative peace, even when its rulers don’t see eye to eye with the people.

Sands Deep

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