Population 20,000
Demographic 30% Human
10% Elf
60% Dwarf
Religion Kalin, Aethos, Visarin
Major Exports Barley, Wheat, Livestock
Major Imports Gold, Silver, Copper

There is something striking about this Dwarven trade city, obviously influenced by Human architecture. While it’s common enough to see a boisterous Dwarven merchant shouting from a storefront or cart, it is rather peculiar to see right next door an equally boisterous Elf doing the same. This blended culture is very nearly one of its own.

-Justin Cermoon

Stonefall is the key to Dwarven trade amongst their cities and Celdine. It is the only major Dwarven city not within a range of mountains; instead it lies on an expansive plain, where nearly all of Dwarven wheat and barley are grown. Stonefall’s name comes from the few enormous boulders dotting the area around the city. It has never been officially discovered how these massive rocks got to where they are, but they do add to the view out of the city.


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