Population 20,000
Demographic 5% Human
90% Elf
5% Dwarf
Religion Hinathra, Meradin
Major Exports Silver, Lumber, Alchemical Reagents
Major Imports Iron, Cold Iron, Mithril

After the Elven cities on the mainland were devastated by the great darkness, Sylvanus, not Hinathra’s High, the old capitol, was the first to be rebuilt due to its proximity to Beradras and the coastline. If ever another great evil threatened all the land, the Elves would still have their precious sea and, as always, Solitude.

-Justin Cermoon

Sylvanus is the keystone of trade between the Ruby Empire and Emerald Kingdom. The Dwarven ships of Waters Deep and Frost Deep are specially designed to brave the seas just outside their mines, while the Elven fleets are built to handle crossing expanses of Meradin’s oceans. Silver veins run deep under the forest city, which has attracted some non-Elf miners. Still, these minorities have had very little cultural impact on the otherwise purely Elven city.


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