Bal Azar

Population 18,000
Demographic 70% Human
25% Elf
5% Dwarf
Religion Hinathra, Serris, Aethos
Major Exports Wheat, Livestock, Barley
Major Imports Arcana, Iron, Tools

Bal Azar is the most deceptively homely city that has ever existed. The very nature of most everyone in the city is the hospitality you’d expect from a small farming community off the road between there and Aindell. You will always be greeted with a warm and welcoming smile in Bal Azar, and that’s just something… nice.

-Justin Cermoon

Bal Azar is surrounded by farmlands on all sides but east, where instead there is a great forest. Rumor has it that somewhere within that forest is a small Elven town, tucked away deep within the trees, but that, as the elderly men of Bal Azar would say, is an old wives tale told to keep the children from running off too far. Being a farming community on a very large scale has done little to dampen the welcoming nature of the people of Bal Azar. A bit of an oddity to the city, both in terms of architecture and purpose, is the mage college of Transmutation, which towers above all else.

Bal Azar

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