Fel Fhal

Population 3,000
Demographic 49% Human
49% Elf
2% Dwarf
Religion Tymiran
Major Exports Music, Woodwork, Furs
Major Imports Lumber, Alcohol, Iron

No place in all of Sephira is quite like Fel Fhal. All in the small town belong to an interwoven community like none other, as if it is all one great family. Each person cares for all others, and all care for each. Gathered ’round the great fire pits, one will understand the profound love that permeates as the elders tell their great legends and sing their beautiful songs. That love is accompanied with an equally profound sadness however. None in Fel Fhal belong anywhere else.

-Justin Cermoon

Fel Fhal is little more than a stop on the road for merchants traveling through, but it has become such a major rest stop that most of Sephira knows of its existence. The great fire pits, which also serve as sleeping quarters, taverns, and inns offer plenty of space for travelers of the north. Yet another function of these structures is the negotiation with the northern tribes, who are welcomed wholeheartedly by the people of Fel Fhal. This friendship has offered great opportunities to the small town, including trade and protection. When the people must defend themselves however, they are quick to the walls. Every person is part of the militia, regardless of age or sex. Even travelers are conscripted to keep the small town safe from the many dangers so near Guardian’s Rest. Any such conscript will say the same when asked about their battles, “I was glad I could help, though I don’t think they really needed it.”

Fel Fhal

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