Hinathra's High

Population 17,500
Demographic 4% Human
95% Elf
1% Dwarf
Religion Hinathra, Tymiran
Major Exports Healing Salves, Darkwood, Alchemical Reagents
Major Imports Silver, Arcana, Fish

The one time I found myself in Hinathra’s High was truly unforgettable. Fate had brought me there in time of the summer solstice, during one of two yearly celebrations of the Elf Mother. That particular year, as the sun was moments from setting, a Phoenix flew over our heads toward the west. We lost sight of it just as the sun fell behind the horizon. To this day, I still carry one of that majestic creature’s feathers with me as a token of good fortune.

-Justin Cermoon

The city of Hinathra’s High coexists within some of Sephira’s tallest trees, mighty towers of bark and leaf. Below the canopy are less beautiful and less mighty trees. These dark shriveled things shed their bark as a snake does its skin, giving the Elves a steady supply of Darkwood. The sap of these trees is highly sought after, and thus, well protected. Using it as an oil will grant an item a fair amount of resilience against fire. The leaves of these trees are thick as leather and more resistant to cuts. By combining the leaves and sap, the Hinathrine have created Leafweave, an incredibly light armor perfect for Elven warriors, scouts, and mages alike.

Hinathra's High

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