Population 5,000
Demographic 60% Human
25% Elf
15% Dwarf
Religion None
Major Exports Information
Major Imports Foodstuffs

Seren is the shining jewel of the Desert of the Lost. All who go there are lost in some way, whether they know it or not. The underworld wars between the Watchers, masters of divination, and the House of Cards, masters of deceit, are hardly noticeable to those who aren’t looking, but if you dare a glance, the next question is obvious to all: Which side are you on?

-Justin Cermoon

It is unknown who established Seren or why, and to most of the world, the entire city is unheard of. It is a city of vagabonds, rogues, and gamblers. The ruling family hides in their palace, hiring the sole guild in Sephira that focuses in Divination. As such, the criminals in Seren are quickly caught if they’re unintelligent, which breeds a new sort of thief. Those thieves that leave Seren are highly successful, knowing how to avoid mundane law enforcement as well as those aided by magic.


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