Population 12,000
Demographic 20% Human
70% Elf
10% Dwarf
Religion Meradin, Tymiran, Hinathra
Major Exports Fish, Grains, Produce
Major Imports Weapons, Farming Tools, Livestock

Elves and farms. The two never really have mixed much in all the histories of our world, but here at Siannodel, the Moonbrook, it really has caught on. It’s a shame that the city falls under attack so often, otherwise it would truly thrive.

-Justin Cermoon

Siannodel is the only farming community in which the majority of the population is Elven. The Dwarves see more to the docks than the farms, but the Humans, with their incredible ingenuity and ambitious attitudes have found a niche that only delicate Elven hands can fill. The people of Siannodel are peaceful almost to a fault. Whenever the city falls under attack by orcs or the like, the militia is hard pressed to defend its lands.


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